Brent Martin: Donor Profile

Pointing the Way for Future Generations

Brent Martin is a Scouting enthusiast and a second-generation Scout.

His Father, Leonard Martin, joined the Scouts in 1921. Leonard was active in a Scout Troop in North Minneapolis. He attended Camp Tonkawa on Lake Minnetonka soon after joining. Later, he was on the Camp Staff there, becoming the Tonkawa Camp Director in the mid 1930's. Fellow staffers, including Maury Ostrander and D. Winton (Wint) Hartman, were soon to be involved with the formation of Many Point Scout Camp. In 1933 Leonard became the first Vigil Honor Order of the Arrow Scouter in the State of Minnesota. On a double date with a fellow Tonkawa Staff member, Leonard met Catherine Hyde, whom he married in 1941. Along came two sons, Brent being the second, in 1949. Both Catherine and Leonard passed away in 1961. Leonard was buried with his BSA 40-year tie clip, about which he was very proud for his years in the BSA.

"During much of the last years of our parent's lives, we lived away from our parents due to their health concerns. During the Spring of 1957, we boys lived with the family of a former Tonkawa Staff friend of Dad's. In 1960 and 1961, we lived in foster homes through Hennepin County. Many friends and family were created. With the passing of both parents, a Scouting family with whom I lived in 1960, told his "Big Brother" he knew through the Big Brother Organization, that the Martin boys were "on their own". That "Big Brother" Jack, his wife Pat and children John and Barb, took us in to live with them, keeping the two of us together, which never happened during foster care. Jack was the Scoutmaster of my first Scout Troop 307, in Saint Louis Park. Jack became our legal guardian and his family ours! My other legal guardian, Reverend Henry Hancock was the Dean of Saint Mark's Cathedral, where I worked on and earned my God and Country Award in the BSA.

In 1964, Jack and family moved to Many Point Scout Camp for the summer to be the Dining Hall Director. It was this summer that I worked on the BSA Hornaday Conservation Award for conservation with the help of the staff of the Conservation Lodge. I had earned my Eagle Scout Award that year and was able to attend the 1964 National Jamboree in Valley Forge, thanks in great part to the volunteer adult leaders of Troop 77. I returned to Many Point for the next 5 summers. I worked in 1965 in the Dining Hall, 1966 in the Conservation Lodge, 1967 at Explorer Camp, and in Voyager Camp from 1968 to 1969. This last summer at Many Point, my future wife, Diane, was the Camp Nurse. We were married in 1970. We have made MANY trips to Many Point with family and friends. We both belong to the Many Point Staff Alumni Association."

Brent recalls, with gratitude, the intervention of many wonderful people in his life. "I have been so blessed to have so many good influences, many of them through Scouting. All kids need responsible adults in their life to point the way and that's Scouting! I am the beneficiary of that.”