Camp Operating Guidelines

At present, universal masking while indoors is NOT required and there are no restrictions on group sizes or building capacities.

Pre Camp

  • All campers will be strongly encouraged to bring multiple surgical or N95 masks (or equivalent) for use if necessary. Camps will have a supply available for emergency use.
  • All campers will be strongly encouraged to take an antigen test before departure on the day of the event. Test kits are available from the council office and the federal government for free.
  • All campers will be encouraged to bring an antigen test kit with them to camp for use if become symptomatic.
  • All campers will utilize the health screening checklist before departure on the day of the event.
  • All campers are strongly encouraged to be up to date vaccines, if eligible.

During Camp

  • Health Screening Checklist will be posted in each campsite and sleeping cabin. Campers will daily monitor themselves for symptoms.
  • Strong emphasis on hand hygiene and sanitation will continue.
    • Wash hands posters posted throughout camp.
    • Sanitizer or handwashing facilities will be widely available.
    • Camp will continue daily sanitation of high touch items and program supplies.
  • If a camper exhibits symptoms for COVID while at camp, the camper will take a COVID test.
    • Antigen test kits will be available for use at camp for symptomatic individuals and close contacts. However, camp recommends that participants also bring their own.
    • Campers testing positive will need to isolate and return home. Remaining members of the unit will need to wear a mask while indoors and eat outdoors for remainder of time at camp.
    • Units will be responsible for identifying and making determinations for ‘close contacts’ within their own unit. Tent partners or bunkmates will be considered close contacts. ‘Close contacts’ should follow MDH guidelines for action. Decision trees for action will be available for unit use.
    • General camp population will be notified if a positive case occurs at camp (privacy will be maintained).
  • 3 positive cases (not from same unit) in a camp during a camp session will trigger a call to the Council Health Supervisor or equivalent to discuss the situation and evaluate if changes in programming/schedule are necessary.