Cheerful Service = Prepared Camps

Cheerful service and the Order of the Arrow, what’s it all about?

The Order of the Arrow, sometimes known as the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service, pledges to provide service and promote camping. Every spring and fall, the Totanhan Nakaha Lodge and its members work together with the camp rangers to complete many projects to maintain or improve our camps. This spring four events were held across the council. These events, called conclaves, were coordinated by youth OA leaders called Constellation Chiefs.

During a typical conclave, OA members and newly elected candidates provide service to our council camps. At the end of the day, new members are inducted and are then called Ordeal members. Those who have been a member for more than six months may choose to complete their membership by becoming Brotherhood members during the conclave.

We’re excited to share that this spring, 214 candidates were inducted and 161 members converted to Brotherhood status. In total, current members alongside new candidates worked to provide 3,883 hours of service. Some of the projects included clearing downed trees, building and maintaining trails, painting, removing decking from a building, and splitting wood.

Thank you to all who volunteered to provide cheerful to service and to those who coordinated these events, including cook staff, ceremonialists, elangomats (guides), constellation chiefs and advisers.

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For current members, be sure to check out the calendar for upcoming events!


Cheerful Service = Prepared Camps