How Your Unit Can Help Those in Need from Tornado and Storm Damage

To Help Other People at All Times

Following the devastating tornadoes in Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennesee this past weekend, Scouts and units in Northern Star Scouting have already begun the process of determining ways to help those in need. The communities impacted by the severe weather may be too far away for on-the-ground assistance, but there are still ways that your unit can provide aid.  Look at the options below to see if there is a way in which you can involve your unit in helping others.

  • Check with Your Charter Organization:

Many charter organizations are already conducting efforts to send supplies and monetary donations to aid organizations on-the-ground in the states affected. Consider reaching out through your Charter Organization Representative to determine if there is a way in which your unit, Scouts, and families can help collaborate with their efforts.

  • Research and Share Giving Options:

Although funds should not be directly solicited in the name of Scouting on behalf of another organization, units can still research and share options for giving with Scouting families.  Consider organizations that are supported by your charter organization, or national entities such as the American Red Cross (

  • Consider Local Support:

The devastating impact of the storms this weekend is difficult to see,but there is a continuous need for support for those impacted in smaller scale events closer to home throughout the year. As a unit, discuss and see if there are opportunities to provide volunteer resources for a local organization in your community that provides services to those in need. No act of service is too small, and your unit can have a significant impact by mobilizing your families to help. 

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