Hundreds of Scouts and Scouters Kick off the Program Year at University of Scouting


Northern Star Spring 2022 University of Scouting was held on Saturday, April 9th. It was exciting to have both adults and youth together in-person at St. Paul College! With over 75 classes - including merit badges and many new classes in the College of Youth Leadership – it was a packed day for everyone with plenty of buzz.

It goes without saying that creating course curriculum and presenting it to over 350 participants would not be possible without dedicated support from our team of over 60 volunteer Instructors. 

Thank you, Instructors, for sharing your subject matter expertise and all you did to make University of Scouting successful for everyone!

Special thanks go to our University of Scouting Chancellor, Rachel Thiemann, and our dedicated committee. We’d like to recognize Ree Thompson, Dean of the College of Scouts BSA, Faith Anderson, Dean of the College of Venturing,  Jacob Johnson, Dean of the College of Sea Scouting, David Evans, Acting Dean of the College of General Scouting, Brian Reiners, Dean of the College of Youth Advancement and Knowledge and Opening Ceremony, Brad Peterson, Dean of the College Youth Leadership, and Tim Sibley, Dean of the College of Cub Scouting. 

Thanks to supporting Committee Members and Volunteers Jessica Harrell (Communications/Marketing), Laurie Johnson (Facilities), Charles Wangerin (Registration) Jim Foster (Green Screen/Photography), Victor Thiemann (Midway) and Troops 7446 and 9446 (Concessions).

Additionally, we were joined by over 20 Midway Partners who hosted information tables as a valuable way of providing additional knowledge to participants. 

And a brand-new initiative this Spring was to have two service projects available to encourage a productive use of our networking and “downtime” while we got to know each other. Global Health Ministries showed us how to roll bandages to send to the developing world, and AllyHoo provided kits to create soft toys for children undergoing hospital treatment.

Thank you to everyone mentioned, and all the participants for their effort in making our University of Scouting an incredible success - “This is the Way”!


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