Local Scout Defies the Odds and Gives Back

Scouts Overcome Challenges

Every Scout faces their fair share of challenges during the journey to Eagle Scout, but those of 16-year-old Ben Menier of Woodbury were even more daunting. In 2018, a car accident left Ben with a traumatic brain injury, and he had to relearn many skills – including how to walk and talk.

Four years later, Ben has overcome the odds and wants to give back to those who helped him during his recovery. On June 4th, he held a Pinewood Derby race at Northern Star Base Camp for former Children’s Minnesota patients — to share this piece of Scouting with others. He plans to give the proceeds raised back to the Children’s Minnesota Hospital who helped him during his recovery.

“His Scouting spirit definitely changed. I think he was hitting a tough age that a lot of Scouts hit,” Ben’s father, Dave Menier, told us, “After his recovery, his perspective was just different…it was a really good thing to see.”

Ben has participated in Scouts since Cubs and has held several leadership positions such as Patrol Leader and Bugler (a personal favorite of his). He loves spending time with friends and taking part in different activities — from electronic sleep-ins to trips to Tomahawk Scout Camp. He’ll attend Tomahawk this summer for the last time with his Troop and really wants to try his hand at metalworking.

Scouts Inspire Others

“Getting Eagle Scout is very, very important,” Ben said, “because people will look up to you a lot.” 

Now that he’s finished the main event, Ben can take the next steps needed to obtain his Eagle Scout rank. He serves as an inspiration for not only other Scouts, but for people just like him. “And I know there are people…with disabilities kind of like mine,” Ben said as we wrapped up our interview with him, “I want them to consider joining Scouts too. If I can…I know they can do it too.”

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Local Scout Defies the Odds and Gives Back