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​Do you like to camp and participate in activities?  Camp Northern Star has created special event weekends for your unit or family to join us. We've held two event weekends this fall where units and families have camped at Stearns and Phillippo with the chance to participate in Archery, BB, .22 rifle ranges, and climbing tower activities.

The Binkley family took advantage of this opportunity after finding they have a passion for archery. After 20 years of trying to convince Marilyn to go camping, the family spent a weekend at Kiwanis this last summer because Grant had sold enough popcorn to bring the entire family. Brian, his wife Marilyn, and their two sons Nathan and Grant decided since they had so much fun there, they would try Phillippo during the first special events weekend.

We asked Brian what some of the highlights of weekend were and he mentioned their hike  to Friendship Point, and the opportunity to participate in activities. When asked what he would share with other people about the experience, here is what he conveyed:

“You are not going to find a more affordable way to go camping as a family then taking advantage of the Northern Star Camps. And if you time it right, the staffed areas are top notch and super accommodating to our family. Even the Campmaster exceeded our expectation and ensured we had an amazing weekend.”

There is still time to take advantage and for information on special event weekends 

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More About Special Event Weekends