Registered Adults and Youth Protection Strategies

​In addition to Northern Star training and support, in recent months our national organization has communicated a growing list of guidelines for you (local Scouters) to follow when conducting regular Scouting activities and outings. Among others, these guidelines include parameters for participation by non-Scouts in Scout activities, the number and roles of adults who need to be BSA registered to conduct a meeting, campout, activity, how many nights a Pack can go camping, and more.

Many of these represent changes to the way we are used to conducting the good work of Scouting.  While it is important to follow the guidelines outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting to be safe and maintain our insurance coverage, sometimes new policies can seem confusing or impractical at first glance.  As always, however, common sense solutions are the most important solutions.

First and foremost is our long-held commitment to following two-deep adult leadership requirements, and no one-on-one interactions with youth.  These form the baseline of our most effective strategies to keep youth safe.  From there, it is always helpful to involve as many parents as possible and registering as many of them as possible has multiple benefits.

As many of you prepare for camp this summer, know that our council camps are trusting that you, as unit leaders, are managing the guidelines and policies within your unit.  When you arrive at camp, we will verify that you are following at least two-deep registered adult leadership requirements. As always, reach out if you have questions.

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