Scout Awarded Medal of Merit for saving little girl's life

On a warm summer day on Long Lake in New Brighton, fun and excitement filled the air as kids were swimming and a class of paddleboarders were making their way out onto the lake. That’s when Carlos, a lifeguard and paddle board instructor, saw a horrible scene unfold before his eyes. Deep in the lake, a young girl on her inflatable chair overturned, dumping the girl into the water and flipping the raft far out of reach.
“I looked out and saw two instructors in a canoe paddling away, unaware of the situation,” Carlos recalled, “I grabbed a paddle board and rushed to save the little girl.”
On his way, Carlos could already tell that he wasn’t going to make it in time.
“I was expecting to dive underwater and perform CPR.”
What Carlos did not see, was Gus an 11-year-old Scout was practicing his Paddleboarding skills in the lake not far away.
"HELP! HELP!" Gus heard from over the waves.  Then he saw it too, the little girl in the water all alone, bobbing under the water.
Gus wheeled around on his paddle board as the small girl bobbed below the waves.
“HELP ME!” she cried
Gus paddled with all his might, he HAD to make it to her in time.  And without a lifejacket on, the little girl didn’t have much time. Luckily, Gus was a Tenderfoot Scout, and he knew exactly what to do.  He paddled hard against the waves to the girl, steadied himself and reached out his hand. With her hand in his, Gus pulled the little girl to his paddleboard.
She was safe.
Carlos pulled up a few moments later and helped Gus and the little girl reach shore. Once on shore, Carlos began looking for the little girl’s family and finally found them – completely unaware of what had just happened.
Although Gus never knew the girl’s name or even received a thank you for his preparedness and quick actions, it's very likely that little girl would not have gone home with her family that evening without him. On behalf of the National Council, and Northern Star Scouting, we want to congratulate Gus on this amazing honor.
Pictured from Left to Right: Bruce Boeder, Gus Notsch, April Notsch, and Chris Notsch
Scout Awarded Medal of Merit for saving little girl's life