Scout Flag Reaches Everest Summit

Anish Luitel of Nepal Made The Climb

Jody Kimball, Committee Chair for troop 3509, sent a Boy Scouts of America 100th Year Anniversary Flag to Nepal last year in hopes that the flag would summit Mt. Everest. We just received news that the flag did summit the mountain with Anish Luitel, a Soutmaster in Nepal. Jody and Anish have known each other for about four years now. They actually met on a Boy Scout Facebook page online and speak frequently! The power of social media to connect everyone is truly amazing.

A Difficult Trek

This was Anish’s second attempt at summiting Mt. Everest with the flag. The first time he attempted this climb last year he was evacuated off the mountain by helicopter due to an avalanche caused by an earthquake. This time, Anish was determined to summit the mountain. “I flew the flag on top of Mt. Everest to represent peace and the brotherhood of Scouts from all over the world.”

Anish has actually applied for a visa hoping he’ll be able to come to Minnesota in July. He wants to visit Many Point and Tomahawk camps to share his adventure with Scouts and Scoutmasters around Northern Star Council!

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