Summer 2022 Spotlight

Tomahawk Scout Camp

Week 3 brought perfect weather at Tomahawk Scout Camp. All of our beaches were popular spots for cooling off and learning new skills.


Many Point Scout Camp

Mountain Bike Outpost Director Hunter Simard, Many Point Scout Camp, takes some time to get Scouters fitted properly and showing how to operate our brand-new mountain bikes before taking them out on the trails. The mountain bikes were received from Freewheel Bikes.


Phillippo Scout Camp

Scouts at Phillippo Scout Camp enjoying our new Mega-Sling shot range at STEM! Scouts learn about simple machines and how they come together to make complex machines such as the Mega-Sling.


Base Camp

Blue Sky Troop 50 from Washington DC before they left Base Camp to finish their trek to Northern Tier. Over the summer we will see 30+ Troops and crews from around the country as they make their way to the high adventure base!



Pepper the Pony still gives Scouts great rides at the age of 24 at Kiwanis Scout Camp during the first week of camp.