Training at your Unit Meetings

What Makes a Trained Leader?

A priority for all Scouting units - packs, troops, and crews - is making sure every leader is fully trained for their position. Without exception, units with trained leaders are more successful recruiting and retaining young people who are the focus of our program. The Training Wizard will show you required courses by position, along with a calendar of upcoming opportunities. A current list of required courses can be found in the related content section.

All units should have a "unit trainer" responsible for monitoring the training status of all registered leaders and communicating updates to their District Training Chair. Training can be posted to the unit's records at the my.scouting website. Every district has a group of volunteers, the District Training Committee, focused on helping leaders complete their training. Responsibilities of a unit trainer include:

  • Conducting orientation of new families and leaders. This should be done within a week of joining.
  • Reminding volunteers that Youth Protection training is required, regardless of position.
  • Encouraging leaders to complete online leader training. This should be taken within 30 days of joining.
  • Encouraging leaders to attend ongoing training such as roundtables, University of Scouting courses, Wood Badge and other supplemental training courses.
  • Staying current with training materials and program updates
  • Keeping track of unit training records.

Training at the unit level

The following trainings may be conducted directly by the unit or completed individually online.

If conducted by the unit, a training attendance report must be submitted to the District Training Chair within 10 days of training. When completed online no report is necessary, it will automatically be recorded when the Scouter's member ID is entered.

  • This is Scouting
  • All Fast Start courses
  • Youth Protection
  • Troop or Crew Committee Challenge
  • Safety Afloat
  • Safe Swim Defense
  • Trek Safely
  • Climb on Safely
  • Weather Hazards

Cub Scout leaders can complete all required training on the my.Scouting website or in a district/council course.

Except for Troop and Crew Committee Challenge courses, all Scouts BSA and Venturing Position Specific training must be taken in an official district or council course.