Upcoming Capital Constructions

​Jackhammers, wrecking bars, dust, and concrete are coming: 2023 will bring more capital improvements to our camps with major projects kicking off at Phillippo Scout Camp and Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp.

At Phillippo, we are about to hire contractors to remodel the current bathrooms in the Dining Hall to match our single user concept that has been well received in other completed projects. While not significantly increasing the number of fixtures, with the implementation and staging for the single user concept, all units will be available to all users at camp programs at any time. Our key to implementing this concept has centered around two things: open, visible commons areas where all can feel safe and secure, totally private spaces for the user to feel relaxed and comfortable. This project will also update some worn, 30-year-old spaces to more modern and functional spaces in addition to adding a significant number of sinks for that critical handwashing before meals. Project completion is expected for May 2023.

Also at Phillippo, we will be completely remodeling the pool shower house. Gone will be the separate entrances based on age and gender, gone will be the open toilets and locker-room style showers. Instead, we will have private spaces with toilets, showers, and changing spaces where individual users can attend to personal needs in privacy and safety, or where a parent can assist their younger children in taking care of showering and dressing if needed. Indoor spaces will be open and offer high visibility for all users as they choose their private, secure space based on their needs. The final product should facilitate camper use of the facility even during times when the pool is closed. This facility will also benefit from updating of aged fixtures and finishes. This project is scheduled to be completed for Summer 2023 users.

At Fred C. Andersen, work will commence in the New Year on remodeling the Training Building restrooms to a single user concept. The total number of fixtures will not increase, but the plan calls for making private, modern spaces for each fixture or shower. In addition, there will be two ¾ baths that will be accessible from the outside for our family users of the newly renovated Riverview 1 family cabin.

All this work and more is the result of donors like the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation and others who undertook the opportunity to fund improvements to our camps to make them more family friendly and to meet the needs of today’s diverse users. Keep your eyes peeled for other improvements at many of our camps!


Upcoming Capital Constructions