Welcome to Council-Level Leaders for 2022

Strengthening Council Leadership

The council's annual meeting on May 11 included the installation of new council-level leaders. John Patterson became Council President-Elect, officially taking office May 2023, and will succeed John Guthmann. New Officers include Jamal Rushdy, Vice President/Governance, Richard Sit, Vice President/Camping & Properties, Eric C. Miller, Vice President/Development. New Directors on the Board are Andrew M. Baker, MD, Monica Engel, Dennis Goetz and Ted Johnson. New President's Cabinet members are Craig Dietz, David Kidd and Stu Smith. Recognized as Honorary Member are veteran Scouters and friends of Scouting Jayne and Jim Bradshaw, Bill and Kay Davies, Betsy Guthmann, and Bob and Carol Oldowski. Welcome new leaders, and thank you for all you for Scouting!

Highlights from the 112th Annual Meeting

The 112th meeting took place on May 11 at Midland Hills Country Club. The meeting still had a hybrid option with over 115 people in attendance and nearly 50 joining us online. We were thrilled to see so many people in-person and participants enjoyed the chance to mingle.

  • Installation of council officers including John G. Patterson (effective May 2023)
  • Recognition of four Eagle Scout scholarship recipients, Dustin Anderson, Hugh Drinkwitz, Mikkel Paulson and Dilshan Rajan. 120 Eagle Scouts applied for scholarships and 23 were awarded for a total of $40,000 awarded in 2022.
  • Introduction of the the 2021 Eagle Project of the year conducted by Eagle Scout Jasper Strayer. He led fellow Scouts in the creation of two large stained-glass windows for the Presbyterian Church of the Apostles in Burnsville, MN. One churchgoer wrote him in thanks quoting "This would not have happened without you."
  • Introduction of the 2022 class of Honorary members: Jayne and Jim Bradshaw, Bill and Kay Davies, Betsy Guthmann, and Bob and Carol Oldowski — all active, longtime Scouters and friends of Scouting.
  • Recognition of the National Catholic Committee Scholarships — Matthew Korf and Theodore Paul Kariuki. 2 of the 9 recipients came from Northern Star.
  • Presentation of the 2022 Woods Services Award to Rick Smith, a longtime advocate and consultant for youth with Special Needs & Disabilities.
  • Presentation of the BSA 50 Year Veteran pin to Bruce Cary, the 60 Year pin to Kent York, the 65 Year pin to Bob Gwin, and the impressive 75 Year pin to Dr, Tom Alt. Their recognition shows that Scouting is a lifelong endeavor for many, many people.
  • Recognition of Chuck Gitzen, who received the 2022 Silver Antelope Award for service to councils around the territory.
  • Review of some of the successes and challenges of the past year through the navigation of this year's 2021 Annual Report. Presented by the members of CCF creative team, they donated time and development to create an interactive map that showcases all the good Northern Star and Scouting has accomplished in the past year.
  • The meeting closed with the new Annual Meeting Highlights video which can be seen below:

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Welcome to Council-Level Leaders for 2022