Where Can I Get Help For My Pack, Troop, or Crew?

If your Scouting unit is looking for help, there are several places to turn


A great place to start is your District Roundtable meeting. Most District Roundtables are held near the beginning of the month and are designed to support and provide additional training, information, and help for unit leaders. You can find more information about District Rountables, like date, time, and location by visiting your district website.

Unit Commissioner

Another great resource is your Unit Commissioner, who is also a local Scouting volunteer. A Unit Commissioners works with several Scouting units in their area to provide support and a guiding hand. They typically touch base with someone from each of their units once a month, and meet in person once every three months, but are ready and willing to take questions anytime.

If you don't know who your Unit Commissioner is, you can find out by contacting your District Commissioner (this is the person who gives leadership to all of the Unit Commissioners). District Commissioner contact information can be found on each District's website.

Who else can help?

Many questions and issues occur around leadership roles, advancement, and discipline policies. These topics, and many more, are covered in our Leadership Training modules. Many of these are available online, or be taken in person at events like the University of Scouting. For more information on trainings, scheduled dates for training sessions, or taking courses online, visit our training website.

Additional resources in the forms of books, leader guides, handbooks, program guides, and more can also be found in one of our four Twin Cities Scout Shops or by visiting www.ScoutStuff.org.

You also have a District Executive who can help, too. Your District Executive is a paid professional for the Scouts who is assigned to serving and supporting the Scouting units in your area. Your District Executive can be reached through the district website, or by calling our Northern Star Council Scout Service Center at (763) 231 - 7201.