Words from a 2022 Counselor in Training

Are you thinking about being a counselor in training (CIT) in 2023? Want to know more? Check out the experiences of Natalie Lund from Troop 5509 in Ham Lake, MN!

Natalie had one year of summer camp under her belt when she decided she wanted to be a CIT. Why? At Many Point Scout Camp in July 2021, she saw the counselors working with the Scouts, and she could feel the sense of community they had. It looked like they were having fun and enjoying their jobs.

The CIT experience according to Natalie was, “Better than expected!” The staff were super welcoming and the CITs grew together during their session. Her top three favorite things about being a CIT were the large amounts of responsibility, Independence and FUN!! She said, “Five weeks away from home was an amazing experience!”

In her own words, “I was comfortable with the staff and made friends immediately. We had limited technology, which made us focus on the here and now. Learning how to set down my phone was refreshing.” When asked about homesickness she said, “CITs don’t have time to get homesick.”

Jason Lund, Natalie’s father and Assistant Scoutmaster, added that for him, the opportunity for Natalie was both exciting and scary. “Knowing that the camp setting is a safe environment with adults and Scouters we trust helped with the parenting fears of having our firstborn off on a grand adventure far longer and farther away than she’s been on her own. Being a CIT gives them a chance to experience independence in a safe environment so heading off to college or a career away from home later in life isn’t the first time they’ve had that sort of experience on their own. Getting the chance to mostly disconnect from technology to be fully present in her life experiences for five weeks was good for her and probably has relevance as a lesson for all of us. We felt the level of connectedness with the occasional call or text after hours was enough to keep our minds at ease while also giving us a chance to miss her and appreciate that we only have a few years before she heads off into the bigger world, so make all the moments count.

Favorite things during time off:  Sailing and Aquatramp

Top things to bring/prepare for:

  • Lots of bug spray
  • More battery charging power
  • Extra swim shorts/swimsuits
  • Bike
  • Lots of walking

New phrases she picked up:

  • Servant leadership – putting others’ needs before your own.
  • Scouts are always first.
  • We’re here for the Scouts.

In a word, Natalie’s CIT experience was “unforgettable!”

Words from a 2022 Counselor in Training