Your Company Can Help Pay For Scouting

Ways to Send Your Matching Gift to Support Scouting

Every year, companies nationally give an estimated $2 to $3 billion in Matching Gift donations submitted by their employees to non-profits. However, there is an estimated $4 to $7 BILLION going unclaimed every year.

Right now, your company could be one of several companies just waiting to give money to Scouting. All you need to do is tell your HR department you made a donation to Scouting and you would like it matched – its that EASY! Show your passion for Scouting by designating your matching donation directly to Scouting, specifically Northern Star Council, BSA (EIN 20-3000282). Ask your human resources department about matching gifts today!

When you tell your company to send your matching gift to Scouting, you are helping more youth have access to learning life skills and establish social growth during their formative years. You can give thousands of Scouting the chance to reconnect with their friends and feel like a kid again.

Not sure if your company will match your donation? Click here and look for the LOOK UP: Matching Gift icon

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