Taking Action for Diversity and Inclusion

Taking Action for Diversity and Inclusion

We will never give up our longstanding efforts to serve all children, and to find ways to welcome all children into Scouting, and to use the methods of Scouting to help children to grow up to be caring citizens who are Helpful, Friendly and Kind.

We support the actions taken by the National Executive Committee in their June 15 letter, and will to implement them locally, plus more.

Many ideas have and will come our way and here is how we will focus them and build into our action plan:

  1. We will keep the focus of anything we do on all children, which is our advocacy and mission. We will expand our existing circle of community partnerships and dialogue to include institutions that specialize in low income or ethnic communities to ensure that we can help more children who need our programs, and engage more of our Scouting family in equality, diversity and inclusion. We will invite these new institutions to utilize Base Camp for their own programming, at low or no cost as we partner with them.
  2. We will implement action plans for the four points contained in the National Executive Committee letter to the community of June 15, that link is below.
  3. We will remain open to new ideas and programs for young people, and our volunteers focused on young people as we implement one and two above.

BSA's Commitment to Act Against Racial Injustice Letter

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