Scouts Find Ways to do Service in Place

Scouts Find Ways to do Service in Place

Hundreds of Hours Reported - Scouting Service in Place Extended

In late April and early May, we we hosted a "Service In Place" event, to try and show how Scouts continue to find wonderful ways to be of service in a pandemic that requires social distancing. No surprise, many Scouts, packs, troops, and families answered the call!

Hundreds of hours were reported and we're excited to share just a few of those service projects here.

  • Pack 3522 made care packages for essential workers, chalked neighbors drive way to bring cheer, cleaned the park.
  • Troop 9339 picked up litter along Scott County Highway 68.

  • Troop 3283 made 3D printed Face Mask Clips for people with hearing aids and more
  • Crew 9781 sewed a number of face masks as well
  • Paul and Henry Schlagel have turned road ditch cleanup into a part-time job. Over the last few weeks they have cleaned numerous streets and highways around their home to provide cheerful service to their community (see the photo with this article).

These are just a few of the nearly 50 service projects we had reported to us in the small amount of time we had the campaign running. In total, over 600 hours of service were reported in! Since the Shelter in Place orders in Minnesota have been extended, we've decided to extend the Service in Place campaign as well - learn more and report your hours here!

Service in Place Extended Event

One Scout's Service

Matt Moskalik, a Scout in BSA Troop 3509 in Ham Lake, has wanted a 3D printer for years. When Stay Home MN was announced, he spent the first days of his spring break researching 3D printers. He convinced his parents that there was a good sale and that two weeks of no school and no places to go was the perfect time to get one. 

After the 3D printer arrived, Matt spent the first days learning how to use it and making some test prints of dogs, cats, fish, and a submarine for friends. Photos were shared with family and friends. One of them told his mom about a boy that was using his 3D printer to make Ear Savers for healthcare workers. The Ear Savers provide a way to attach face masks behind the head instead of around the ears. Face masks have elastic that go around the ear and cause irritation to the skin behind the ear during extended wear necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Matt researched some different styles of Ear Savers and asked some nurses he knows for feedback. He chose a pattern that printed faster, had several lengths, and didn’t get tangled in pony tails. He negotiated the purchase of upgraded filament to print the best quality he could.

Every morning Matt starts a new batch of Ear Savers. The longest length prints 28 in about 7 hours; a batch of 10 shorter ones takes about 3 hours. He delivers them as fast as he can print them. He doesn’t have an exact count of how many he has printed. He just says he has printed “hundreds.” He will continue to print Ear Savers as long as he gets requests for them. 

This project started out as simply doing some good for the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. As he started delivering, he came to realize the connections he has to medical staff. He has had several friends and family members with extended hospital stays; he has classmates with parents who work in health care, and a friend of his is currently hospitalized for leukemia treatment. He delivered his most recent batch to a nurse who recently cared for his friend along with a note thanking her for taking good care of his friend. 

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Scouts Find Ways to do Service in Place

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