The Virtual Den Meeting

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Conducting the Meeting

Try to keep your meeting as close to the structure of a normal meeting. There is a great example in this article. There isn't anything to physically set up or teardown, but you can conduct most of the rest of the meeting as normal.

Cub Scout Meeting

Before the Meeting: Make sure that you set up the meeting using your virtual platform so that all the meeting participants know how to log in.  It is a good idea to establish a Code of Conduct for the meeting to make sure that all of the Scouts and their parents know what is expected during the course of the meeting.  

Gathering:  Have a fun activity that Scouts can participate as in as they log in.

Opening:  Have Scouts recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath and Law.  If your pack or den has something special that you regularly like a song still do it!

Activity:  This is the time that you work on the regular Scouting skills. You may have to look at your plans to make sure that you choose activities that lend themselves to be done in front of a computer.  Make sure if it is an activity that requires supplies, make sure you communicate it before the meeting so that they have it on hand.  You may want to consider incorporating some of these activities as well.  

Closing:  Hold a fun or inspirational opening.  Some ideas are available from a number of different sources found here. ​

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The Virtual Den Meeting

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