Updates Coming to Mobile Archery Equipment Rental

Updates Coming to Mobile Archery Equipment Rental

Since 2017, Northern Star Scouting has operated five inflatable archery sets that units can check out for promoting recruitment at community events. Starting September 1st, 2019, some changes will be coming to the policies for the use of this equipment in an effort to improve user experience upkeep of the equipment:

  • A nominal fee will now be collected at the time of reservation
  • Availability of the equipment will now be extended to both non-recruitment scout events and non-scout users
  • The reservation page for this equipment will be moving from its current location and into the ScoutingEvent website
  • These changes will only apply to reservations made after September 1st, 2019, existing rentals will be unchanged

Updated rental fees:

  • Approved scouting recruitment use, $15.00 per rental
  • Scouting group, non-recruitment, $25.00 per rental
  • Non-scouting user, $50.00 per rental

Please contact the Base Camp Customer Service Team with any questions - [email protected], 612-261-2300

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