2024 Popcorn Sale

Be a part of the #1 popcorn sale in the country! Northern Star Scouting’s plan to help your unit have ONE fundraiser this year. Our trained popcorn staff and volunteers will help your unit plan and execute the best and most efficient fundraiser your unit has ever had.

Last year Scouts earned over $730,000 for camping experiences and unit activities. Be “Prepared. For Crunchtime.” this fall by signing your unit up for the sale. Our popcorn experts would be happy to meet with your unit to determine your needs.

The popcorn sale is more than just selling popcorn. It’s teaching young people goal setting, budgeting, communication with adults, salesmanship and more!

Last year Scouts earned prizes like Valleyfair tickets, Conquer Ninja passes and more! Northern Star Scouting awards the MOST prizes per Scout compared to all other Scout councils in the country.

Who sells Popcorn?

  • Units wanting ONE fundraiser to fund their program.
  • A Scout Patrol going to Philmont next summer.
  • A Venture Crew that is planning a Rocky Mountain Trek.
  • A Scout BSA who needs to raise extra dollars to go to camp.
  • A Cub Scout raising dollars for his whole den to go to camp.
  • ANY Scout in ANY unit can sell popcorn.
  • Troops and packs in THE SAME TOWN!

Best of all, popcorn sales help Northern Star Scouting make camp improvements, keep camp and activity costs low, and provide services to volunteers and youth.

2024’s popcorn sale starts Friday, September 20, 2024 and runs through Sunday, November 3, 2024.

Check out all the information at www.BuyScoutPopcorn.com. It includes information about Trail’s End Popcorn, sale calendar, training dates and more!

Contact us

Bill Anderson-Horecka

Development Director