Program Levels

Scout Programs By Level

Cub Scouting: Ages 5 to 10

A selfie of 4 youth, 3 male and 1 female, wearing Cub Scouting shirts while smiling.

Cub Scouts lets youth explore and have hands-on experiences with kids their age. This program helps them build confidence, personal achievement, and respect for themself and others.

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Scouts BSA: Ages 11 to 18

A group of middle-school aged Scouts wearing climbing gear, hooked into a rope and running toward the camera. In the background, a Scout who is hooked into the same rope is beginning to float off of the ground.

You’ll have real-world experiences and adventures with Scouts BSA. Get outdoors, go camping, learn leadership skills, and discover what you're good at. Cub Scouts can transition after earning the Arrow of Light award or by completing the fifth grade.

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Venturing: Ages 13 to 21

Two young adults wearing Venturing uniforms, one female and one male, are smiling at the camera while sitting on a hill

Venturing is only limited by the imagination of its members. Sail the Caribbean, produce a play, climb a mountain, teach others to scuba dive, and more! The possibilities are endless. This program is run by the youth who participate in it with adults to mentor and guide them.

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Exploring: Ages 14 to 21

4 people all wearing firefighter uniforms pose in front of a fire truck. The two people in the back are professional firefighters, while the two in front are Explorer Scouts.

Explorers learn directly from experts, taking the classroom into the business world and gaining hands-on experience in the career field of their choice.

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Order of the Arrow

Two female Scouts wearing OA sashes are smiling while carrying a large tree branch as part of a cleanup project. Four other people are seen in the background also working on cleaning up.

The Totanhan Nakaha Lodge, first chartered in 2006, represents members of the Order of the Arrow in Northern Star Scouting of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Members of the Order are known for maintaining camping traditions and spirit, promoting year-round and long-term resident camping, and providing cheerful service to others.

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Join the Scouts Today!

4 female Scouts in a campsite in the woods are saluting the American flag

Adventure is Calling! Find a Scout program in your area today.

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Community Programs

Base Camp

A photo of a young boy in a helmet and harness hooked into a rope climbing up an indoor rock wall

Base Camp, located near Historic Fort Snelling, is our urban adventure camp. Our mission is to serve all youth in the greater Twin Cities area through school field trips, lock-ins, retreats, summer camps, and community group use.

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Leadership Lab

A group of youth working on a screen in the Leadership Lab

At the heart of Base Camp’s Leadership Center is our state-of-the-art Leadership Lab – a space for young leaders to learn about the concepts and practice skills of everyday leadership.

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After School Programs

A group of youth playing a game, all looking excited and engaged in playing. One is running away of completing their part, two are hold a hula hoop sideways, and a line has forms with individuals attempting to run through the hula hoop.

Students explore and achieve various facets of life through hands-on activities, science projects, arts and crafts, and outdoor activities designed to engage, enrich, and excite youth in an after-school setting.

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Juvenile Diversion

The Juvenile Diversion logo, a compass with the words "Juvenile Diversion" on a white and blue background.

Providing first and second time juvenile offenders a positive alternative to the court system, while teaching them leadership and decision-making skills.

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Discovery Day Camp

A group of 12 elementary-aged youth bouncing on the bounce pillow with some staff members. All appear to be excited and having a good time.

A weeklong program (5 days) open to all youth Kindergarten through 8th grade. With several sessions and several locations, you find something to fit your busy schedule! Activities vary by location.

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Family Camping

A photo of the outside of a yurt at Stearns Scout Camp, one of the several types of facilities we have available for families to rent.

Scouting and the great outdoors are best enjoyed as a family — together! Camp Northern Star has a vast network of beautiful outdoor locations for recreation. Grow as a whole family at one of our family rentals.

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