An All-Star Opportunity To Attend Camp

Do you want to attend multiple weeks of summer camp? Do you want to stay at both Many Point and Tomahawk Scout Camps in the same year? Is your unit not going to summer camp this year, but you want to? The All Star program is your solution!

In the All Star program, Scouts who come to camp as individuals or small groups will form a unit with other youth in the program. Each Scout gets the same opportunities they would get if they came with their unit, including food, programming, and older Scout programs. 

At Many Point, our veteran camp staff act as the adult leadership to guide Scouts through the week. Since we provide the adult leadership, parents don't need to attend with their child but are always welcome to join us!

At Tomahawk, we'll match each Scout with a troop from their area. You'll join their roster and come up with them. Their adult leaders will be the adult leadership for the troop, so just like with Many Point, parents do not need to attend, but are welcome to.

For more information on the All Star programs of both Many Point and Tomahawk or to sign up, head to their websites using the links below!

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