An Amazing Million Dollar Day for Scouting

Inspiration, Recognition and Donations Topping $1.25 Million

Over 550 volunteers, donors, and community advocates attended Million Dollar Day for Scouting - two breakfasts designed to raise $1 million and launch the annual fundraising campaign.  This year, participants saw a snapshot of Scouting’s impact on youth as they shared fellowship and made their contributions to .

The events featured co-Emcees Lucy Dosch of Troop 7091 and Crew 9047 with Macalaster-Plymouth United Church and Thomas Hoffman of Troop and Crew 3283 of Wayzata Community Church.  Both Emcees shared how Scouting impacted their lives and led guests through the programs.  At both events, Rich Thao of Troop 3100 at Westminster Presbyterian Church, shared his memories of waiting for the Troop 100 bus before he was a Scout and finding a family

As the Keynote Speaker for each of the programs, Dr. Andrew Howard, shared some of his research discovering new planets.  Dr. Howard also challenged guests to make a impact on the lives of youth through volunteering and making an increased gift to Scouting.

Highlights of the breakfasts also included the presentation of the Scoutmaster of Philanthropy Awards to Hugh and Marilyn Madsen at St. Paul and Bill and Kay Davies at Fort Snelling for their roles in growing community support for Scouting, the inspiration of Life Scout Mitchell of Troop 9196 singing the National Anthem, and the awarding of the Medal of Merit Award to Braeden Pruitt for his younger sister from anaphylactic shock.

If you’d like to view the pictures taken at the in-person events, please visit:

Million Dollar Day for Scouting - Fort Snelling

Million Dollar Day for Scouting - Saint Paul

An Amazing Million Dollar Day for Scouting