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Purchasing Advancement Ranks

Once Scouts have completed the requirements for a rank, the unit awards chair will need to complete the Unit Advancement Report form to purchase any of the ranks at the Scout Shop. All rank advancements (Cub Scouts: Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light and Scouts BSA: Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life) require the name of the Scout, the rank they earned, and the date it was earned.

Unit Advancement Report form

It's recommended the unit awards chair will use Scoutbook to submit Unit Advancement records to the BSA. The program provides a printout of the required information for each Scout. The program also creates a shopping list with the number of badges you'll need to purchase. You can also use other unit management software or a handwritten report. Forms are available online or at the Scout Shop, and must be signed by the unit leader.

Cub Scout Belt Loops and Pins

Create a list of Cub Scouts that have earned belt loops and pins. No form needed, just a total of each item to purchase at the Scout Shop.

Purchasing merit badges

Merit badges purchased for Scouts in troops/team/crews require the name of the Scout, the merit badge, and the date it was earned on the Unit Advancement Report form. Be sure to record the date the badge was earned, not the date of the court of honor or purchase date.

Purchasing Eagle Scout patch or medal

The council provides an Eagle Award kit for the new Eagle Scout at no charge which contains the Eagle Scout medal, rank patch, parent pins, and mentor pin. To purchase an additional medal or rank patch, or to replace a lost or destroyed medal or patch, you will need to show proof a the Scout Shop with either your wallet card or certificate. You may buy additional parent or mentor pins without additional proof.

Purchasing Eagle Scout Palm

Purchasing Eagle Scout Palms requires a special form. Palms are submitted in the same manner as ranks. You will need the date of the unit leader conference and the unit leader's signature. Local council record information does not need to be completed to purchase a palm.

Purchasing Venturing and Sea Scout awards

There are a number of Venturing awards that can be earned, including: Venturing, Discovery, Pathfinder, Summit*, Ranger, Quest, Trust, and Quartermaster. To purchase these awards, the crew or ship awards chair should complete a Unit Advancement Report, listing the Scout's name, award, and date earned. The form is signed by the crew advisor and board of review members.

  • The *Summit Award requires the Venturing Summit Award Application. This application is similar to the Eagle Scout Rank Application and is processed by the council.

STEM: Nova and SuperNova awards

Scouts work with a Nova Counselor or Supernova Mentor to complete these awards. The completed and signed paperwork is processed through the unit for Nova Awards, or the council STEM Committee for Supernova Awards. After the paperwork is verified and approved, the unit awards chair purchases the award from the Scout Shop.  The national Supply Division has run out of award stock across all levels of the Nova Awards program.  We are working to determine a local process for continuing to administer these awards as they earned by Scouts registered in Northern Star Scouting.  In the meantime, an award request link has been added to Northern Star Scouting’s STEM Nova page herelinked below.  Please direct any award requests to the Nova Award Temporary Request Form.  Once a sourcing solution has been secured, all respondents to the form will receive instructions on next steps.  We apologize for the delay in recognizing Scout achievement.

More Information About Nova and Supernova Awards

Purchasing Uniform Patches

The Scout Shop staff is available to help select patches for youth or adult uniforms. They also have instruction sheets showing where the patches should go. You can also order custom-made all-in-one unit number patches through the Scout Shop in quantities of 12.

Purchasing other awards and forms needed

There are lots of other youth activity awards that Scouts can earn. Some require a completed individual form to purchase, for example: Outdoor Ethics, Emergency Preparedness, National Outdoor Award, 50 Miler Award, SCUBA, Kayaking, and BSA Lifeguard. Some awards can be purchased without additional forms, for example: Whittlin' chip, Totem chip, Fireman chit, monthly themes, recruiter, interpreter, and more. Seach the website for additional awards and forms.

Purchasing Order of the Arrow Patches and Lodge Flaps

Some lodge flaps and other Order of the Arrow event patches can be purchased at the Council Service Center or an Order of the Arrow event.  For a complete listing of available items, use the link below to visit the lodge's online trading post.  In-person sales of lodge and Order of the Arrow merchandise is also available at most lodge functions.  

Lodge Online Trading Post

Webelos Trailhead Achievement Award local council patch

Recognition patch earned by a transitioning Webelos Scout who is transferring to a Scouts BSA troop. Available at the council customer service desk during business hours. Form required, no fee.

Historic Trails Awards

Northern Star Scouting supports three Historic Trails in our area.  Units can hike these special trails where history and physical fitness come alive, bridging learning and outdoor activity.  All Historic Trail Award patches are available from the customer service desk at Northern Star Scouting's Leadership Center (council service center/ office - 6202 Bloomington Rd Fort Snelling, MN 55111) during office hours.  

Scout Shop Locations

There are four official Scout Shops in the Twin Cities metro area where you can buy advancement and awards, find the locations for each in our related pages section.