Distinguished Conservation Award

​The BSA's Distinguished Conservation Service Award (DCSA) is the top award in Scouting for exceptional service in natural resource conservation. It is presented for clearly outstanding efforts in planning, leadership, and execution of conservation plans, with the involvement of others, opportunities provided to help others learn about natural resource conservation and environmental improvement, and actual positive improvement to the environment.

The award includes the frameable DCSA certificate and an embroidered square knot.

For an overview of the essential elements of the youth DCSA, click the button below. 

Essential Elements of a Youth DCSA

For a guide to the DCSA process, visit the button below. This Guide is a step-by-step overview created to help Scouts, leaders, and parents navigate the requirements and process for earning the DCSA, as well as help a Scout determine if he or she wants to earn the DCSA.

DCSA Process Guide

You can find the official DCSA application form and the DCSA project workbook at the National Council’s Distinguished Conservation Service Award clearinghouse web page.

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Distinguished Conservation Award