Earning Merit Badges

Introduction to Merit Badges


You can learn about sports, science, trades, and future careers as you explore and earn more than 120 merit badges. Any youth in Scouts BSA can earn any merit badge, at any time.

Steps to Earning Merit Badges

  • Choose a subject and get a signed blue merit badge card from your Scoutmaster. They'll provide you with the name and contact information of counselors for that merit badge.
  • Use the buddy system. Another person must be with you at each meeting with the merit badge counselor: a Scout, parent, other relative, or friend.
  • Call the merit badge counselor to set times to meet and work on requirements
  • Read the merit badge pamphlet and create a plan with your counselor
  • When you're ready, contact the counselor to set up a meeting where you'll show what you've done to complete the badge
  • When your counselor is satisfied that you've met all requirements, they'll sign your blue card to give back to your Scoutmaster
  • Your Scoutmaster or Advancement Chair will get the badges for you

Congratulations, you've just earned a merit badge!

Scoutmasters and Advancement Chairs

Your role is to ensure Scouts have the opportunity to earn merit badges by connecting Scouts to approved Merit Badge Counselors.

  • We maintain lists of merit badge counselors by district, that are updated monthly.
  • Fill out a Merit Badge List Request Card; bring, send, or email it to the contact listed on the back of the request card. They will process the request and send you a copy of the list by email.
  • All merit badge lists are password protected for security. You will receive a password in a separate email from the Merit Badge list. These lists should not be posted on any website.

For Current Merit Badge Counselor Lists, Use the Contact Information Below

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