For the New Eagle: Gifts, Photos, Letters, and More

Celebrating the Eagle Scout rank

Many items are available to celebrate your new Eagle Scout.


Scouting volunteers, parents, and others have asked, "What's a good gift for an Eagle Scout?" Beyond your presence at their ceremony, a good place to start is at the Scout Shops or their online store. Scout Shops carry lots of items including congratulatory cards, Eagle Scout plaques, knives, coins, shirts, and other items that many Eagle Scouts would love to own. Camping and outdoor store gift cards are a great idea, too. A donation to the Northern Star Council in tribute of a new Eagle Scout is also a thoughtful gift.

There are four Twin Cities Scout Shops for your in-person search for a gift. A link to all of their locations is on this page.

Congratulatory Letters

Congratulatory letters may be personally requested by the troop or family from local and national dignitaries. Visit the website for contact information to request letters of congratulations for new Eagle Scouts.


We offer two professional photography studios for Eagle Scouts to have portraits taken. Whether a family chooses to use one of the council services or another photographer, we'll celebrate the occasion by hanging their photo in our office. Visit the Eagle Scout Photo page linked on this page to learn more.

Eagle Scout Ceremony - Court of Honor

A meaningful ceremony is the perfect end to many years of hard work by a Scout. There are no requirements, so this is a great chance for Scouts to show their individuality. Most ceremonies contain certain common elements, including the Eagle Scout Oath and Eagle Charge or Challenge, as well as highlights of the Eagle's Scouting career. Troops are encouraged to work with the Eagle Scout and his family to come up with a special ceremony just for them. Try searching Google or Pinterest for "Eagle Scout Court of Honor" for some great examples.

  • Make sure someone has picked up the Eagle Award kit from the council office. The kit contains the Eagle Scout medal, rank badge, parent pins, and mentor pin. There is no charge for the award kit.
  • Don't schedule an award ceremony until the Eagle Scout rank has been certified by the national office and the award received at the council service center.

Bakery Cakes

Everybody loves cake at a party! If you're planning to have one made by the local bakery, due to copyright laws, ask them to see if they're authorized to use BSA graphics. If you need a letter from the council with permission to use BSA graphics, please contact Scout Executive Assistant Barb Newman at 612-261-2420 or [email protected].

Logo for Cake Request Form

Flags for New Eagle Scouts

Many people like to give new Eagle Scouts a United States flag. If you'd like one that's been flown over the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C., contact your national senator or representative for sizes, material, prices, and date flown. If you'd like a flag that's been flown over your state Capitol, contact either the Governor or Secretary of State's office for sizes, material, prices, and date flown. Your local VFW or American Legion might also be able to provide a flag.

Ceremony Decorations

There are lots of ways to decorate your ceremony space. The Scout Shops have resources, as well as most craft stores. Red, white, and blue themes are popular for an Eagle Scout ceremony.

We have several sets of Eagle Ceremony Decoration Boxes available that include some decorations and banners. There are also two ceremonial Eagle badge light boxes. These Eagle court of honor decorations are shared resources across all of Northern Star Scouting. There is no charge to use them, we only ask that you reserve them ahead of time and return them immediately when your ceremony is completed.



The Eagle Checkout Box contains:

  • Eagle Scout banner
  • Boy Scouts of America banner
  • Scouting Statue/Centerpiece
  • Two log flag holders
  • Eight small flags (two of each: United States, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Northern Star)
  • The Eagle Badge Light Box is not included in the Eagle Decoration Kit and must be reserved separately

Contact Customer Service to reserve these items: 612-261-2300

Eagle Scout Scholarship Opportunities

  • NESA Hall/McElwain Merit Scholarship Application and other NESA Scholarship Information are available on the NESA website.
  • Northern Star Council offers Eagle Scout Scholarships each year for high school seniors. Check the council website in the fall for an application for a scholarship and the procedure to follow.
For the New Eagle: Gifts, Photos, Letters, and More