National Order of the Arrow Conference

The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is the largest gathering of Arrowmen. During your time at NOAC, you'll have the chance to meet over 8,000 other Arrowmen from across the country. 

The next NOAC is at the University of Colorado Boulder on July 29 - August 3, 2024!

Participate in competitions, adventures, training, and numerous games! PLUS – if you don’t like to cook, this is the trip for you! All the meals are prepared for you in the University of Colorado Boulder’s cafeteria. You will be staying in the dorm rooms on campus.

There are ceremony team competitions as well as competitions for other activities. NOAC hosts innovative training opportunities in leadership, conservation, and more. Visit the Order of the Arrow Trading Post where NOAC hosts the second largest patch trading event (first being the National Jamboree). Exhibitors will showcase the latest in camping and outdoor equipment and high adventure trip planning.

The registration page is now live. With a goal of 100 people from our lodge make sure to claim your spot now. Our contingent will leave Saturday, July 27 and take a bus overnight to Colorado. We will spend Sunday exploring and enjoying the area. Check-in for NOAC is on Monday the 29th. We will leave campus on August 3 and hop on a bus home.


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We are now accepting patch submissions: As part of NOAC, each lodge makes a set of patches for our uniforms and trading. As a part of our set, we will have 3 patches. A trader, a delegate, and a CSP or Council strip. While these patches are often traded in sets, the delegate and CSP patches are rarer. 

We need help to design these patches. This document contains information on elements that can and cannot be included in the patch, color ideas, templates to design on, and some examples of other NOAC patches. Please note that, unlike our standard Lodge flap, the NOAC patches have both a top and bottom part for both the Trader and Delegate. All submissions are due February 16. 2024.  


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