Scouting For Food

Scouting for Food is a large community service project where Scouts collect items for local food shelves.

Scouting groups drop-off labeled door hangers throughout neighborhoods a few days before they plan to pick-up the food, often the last Saturday in April, then return to collect the food that Saturday and deliver to our local food shelves.

How do I get door hangers?

Door hangers are available and can be requested using the online link below.  

Scouting for Food Door Hanger Request Form

Can we collect food only on the last Saturday in April?

Units participating in the Scouting for Food drive should coordinate with local food shelves to determine the timing that makes the most sense for their community.  Additionally, participating units are encouraged to connect with neighboring units to discuss neighborhood coverage and collection times.  

Best Practices

  • Reach out to your area Food Shelf and ensure that they are informed and bought-in to your collection effort.  
  • Print address labels or pre-mark your door hangers with unit contact information, or specifc pick-up instructions. 
  • Work with area units and collaborate with coverage and the drop-off of collected material.  
  • Involve your chartered organization, or support food and supply collections that may already be supported through their organization.  

Report your results

Scouting for Food Report Form


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