2024 Brick Builders

More than 160 people gathered at the Leadership Center on February 24 for Brick Builders 8.0. Brick Builders is a Popcorn Adventure prize that Scouts who sell over $1900 worth of popcorn can chose as a reward.

This year featured two Lego Masters, Corey from Season 1, and Christine (aka Tacos) from Season 3.

Corey and Christine did Lego Jousting, a STEM project that had Scouts build projects that “jousted” versus each other using Lego and Lego motors. Each session’s champion went against a Lego Master, with a couple of Scouts able to defeat them!

Brick Builders Taco and Corey     

Another station was “Bridge Builder” where the object was to build the longest unsupported bridge from the tableside. The winner was 63.5 inches—that’s over 5 feet!

Other activities included “In the Dark” where a Scout and parent had to build a mini Lego set while one was blindfolded and the other could not touch any pieces. 

Scouts also created a wearable Lego piece!




Bricks and Mini Figures in Roseville volunteered their time and taught the Scouts about Tensegrity, which is using science to build a “floating” Lego piece.


Each Scout went home with a custom Brick Scout, a special set designed by Corey.


Congratulations to all who earned this event. It was a fantastic day, and we hope you’re as excited as we are for next year!