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Join your fellow Troops, Crews, and Ships from across Northern Star Scouting for a Saturday of competition, Scout skills, and fellowship during one of Northern Star Scouting’s Klondike Derby events! Typically held in January and February at Stearns Scout Camp and Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp, the Klondike Derby is a great event to get your Scouts outside during the Winter months.  Program typically involves a competition-based rotation where units can put their skills to the test against other units from around Northern Star Scouting.  Traditionally, the Klondike involves a sled race, where Scouts pull a sled in a timed race, or throughout their participation in the event. 

Klondike Derby events are a very traditional Scouting activity and have a long history in Northern Star Scouting and its legacy councils and districts.  The sled course tradition originates from the tie that the original program theme had to the Alaska gold rush.  Many events have used the names of towns and cities such as Dawson and Fairbanks to mark stations in a nod to the prospectors that ventured north by dog sleds to remote portions of Alaska.

See the link on the right hand side of this page for more information about the 2022 event series, or follow the link below to the event registration site.  We hope to see you at camp this Winter! 

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