About the College of Commissioner Service

College of Commissioner Service

The College of Commissioner Service (CCS) is designed to help our volunteer serving commissioners grow in their role and continue their knowledge of practices that benefit their pack, troop, or crew.

Who should attend?

All commissioners, who have completed Commissioner Basic Training, will benefit from joining the College of Commissioner Service, learning new skills, enjoying fellowship and getting the latest information. Other Scouting volunteers are also welcome.

What Courses Are Available to Take?

Bachelors in Commissioner Service

The Bachelors Program is the level of training available to anyone who has completed Commissioner Basic Training. This training offers a series of eight courses like practical solutions to common unit problems and serving Scouts with special needs. these and other courses will add to your Basic Training skills.

Masters in Commissioner Service

The Masters program is advanced training that follows Bachelor of Commissioner Service training. This training provides eight hours of advanced training to teach critical skills that allow commissioners to assist units and unit leaders with concepts such as "lifesaving a unit," and skills to help develop new leaders. You'll broaden your commissioner skills to effectively work with specific unit needs or special needs of Scouts.

Doctorate in Commissioner Service

The Doctorate program is the next level of training after the Master's Degree and includes carrying out a project that will benefit Scouting. Students attend eight hours of advanced level training courses that includes a presentation of your final project.

Bachelors of Roundtable Service

All Roundtable Commissioners and team members will benefit from a full day of training to help promote, staff, and build successful roundtable programs to enhance pack and troop programs.

Masters of Roundtable Service

The Roundtable Masters program is advanced training that follows completion of the Bachelors in Roundtable Service program. This program offers classes to further enhance the ability of Roundtable Commissioners to deliver quality roundtables in support of unit programs.

Advanced Studies Degree

The Advanced Studies Program provides eight hours of elective course curriculum that supplements other commissioner training. The Advanced Studies Program is intended for commissioners who have already completed the Masters or Doctorate programs and are interested in gaining further knowledge from a wide range of topics.

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