Celebrate Scouting's Anniversary with our Facebook Contest

Scouting turns 113 on February 8! How are you celebrating Scouting’s Anniversary? Add our Scouting Anniversary Facebook contest to your celebration.

Starting February 5 and going through the rest of the month, you can tag Northern Star Scouting on Facebook with pictures of your Scouts in action. Whether it’s a service project, a Blue and Gold Ceremony, faith community participation or an outdoor adventure at one of our amazing camps, we want to see what you’re up to! Those who share a post with us enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card from our Scout Shop.

Contest rules

  1. Those who wish to enter must tag the Norther Star Scouting Facebook page and use the #NSSAnniversary2023 in their post. This allows us to search the entries so we don't miss anyone.
  2. Images speak louder than words. Submissions must include at least one photo (but feel free to post more). 
  3. The contest runs through February 5-28. All submissions must be in before midnight on February 28. We will select three winners between March 1-3. Those who are selected will be reached out to through Facebook messenger to gather contact details for their prizes.

Disclaimer: By tagging us and using our hashtage, you are giving us permission to use these photos for future promotional use.  Your images will receive a courtesy credit if we use them.

Check out our example Post to give you some ideas

Facebook Post with a photo attached of Camp Staff laying in snow piles and smiling. The post says "@Northern Star Scouting Phillippo staff celebrated Scouting's Anniversary with training for the upcoming Polar Cub season. They're exhausted but they're prepared for all the fun they're going to have with your Cub Scouts! #NSSAnniversary2023"

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