Did You Know Northern Star Offers Free Career Interest Surveys to Schools?

​Exploring is a career education program for middle and high school–age young men and women based on a unique and dynamic relationship between youth and the organizations in their communities.

Local organizations are matched to the interests of young people in the community using the Career Interest Survey, using either a paper/pencil Scantron format or using our dedicated online platform.

The result is a program of activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop. Many times, these programs provide a hands-on experience, career preparation, and college endorsement.

Success in organizing Exploring posts/clubs and identifying career seminar topics starts with the ability to identify the "market"; that is, being able to determine the career interests of students.

The best method for Exploring, a part of the Learning for Life division of the BSA, is to achieve this is by conducting an annual survey of all middle and high school students. The purpose of this survey is twofold: to support school counselors in their work and to grow membership in the Exploring program.

Survey results are generated into a variety of reports including the following information: student names, addresses, phone numbers, grades, ages, after graduation plans, and schools. The survey will also indicate a student’s top two career choices in addition to their hobby interests. Many schools also use the school-wide data to inform future curriculum offerings

This information is also used to invite students to join local Exploring posts and clubs in their interest areas. To learn more about The Career Interest Survey contact Senior Exploring Executive for Northern Star Council, Brian Swerine @ [email protected] of by phone at 612-236-7475.

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Brian Swerine

Senior Exploring Executive