Donor Profile: ​ LCS Metal Stampings, Paul Stotts and Steve Schmidt

LCS Metal Stampings has a long history of involvement with Scouting as does the CEO/President of the firm, Paul Stotts, and Vice President Steve Schmidt. The values of the firm and the management mirror those of Scouting.

The firm was started in 1959, at 3016 East Lake Street in Minneapolis- a building which is now a brewery. In 1964 they built a new plant, and moved to Mendota Heights. The building has had five additions over the last 60 years.

President Paul Stotts’ father Jerry Stotts started as a salesperson with the firm in 1969. In 1984 he bought the company from John Lyons, a former die maker from Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co. in St. Paul.  Jerry passed suddenly in 1998 and his wife Susan effected a “seamless” transition as president. Due to good planning and her excellent management skills, her sudden passing in 2016 also effected a smooth transition to Paul becoming president.

Today the firm is owned by Paul Stotts and has 37 employees. Two of Paul’s children are also at the firm: Owen, who spent three years in Scouts, and Nicole, who spent two years in Girl Scouts.

The firm manufactures electrical steel laminations used for electric motors in all industries and power transmissions. The employees come from as far away as Faribault and western Wisconsin, many with at or over 30 years of dedication.

Steve Schmidt knew the Stotts family during his high school years through a mutual friend. Jerry admired Steve’s work ethic, saw his mechanical aptitude, and later hired him. Steve was in Cub Scouts himself and in 4H with his two sisters growing up. He started with Scouts again when his son signed up for Tiger Cubs and later becoming a Life Scout.  Steve continues as a Scouting volunteer and has been in the Scouting program again for over a total of 17 years. He has participated in Wood Badge Training and was on staff, served on Grey Wolf staff, held many district positions, lead Eagle Boards of Review, and is currently serving as District Commissioner. He recently received the Silver Beaver Award in March 2022.

Steve and Paul look for Scouting connections in their job applicants due to their parallel values with Scouting.  While reading applications and resumes, those that have Scouting listed will inevitably be on top of the list. Their view is that involvement in Scouting leads to a well-rounded individual who has potential to lead LCS into the future with the skills they developed through the Scouting program.

In fact, several years ago Sue Stotts was intrigued with Steve’s Wood Badge training. She read the letter given to Wood Badge participants and asked if she could come along. After that, she frequently referenced how the training changed Steve and utilized that with Paul to build into the LCS family.

Today the firm follows Jerry and Susan’s philanthropic traditions and continues supporting Northern Star Scouting, the Minnesota Sheriffs Association, Two Rivers High School Mentor and Trades Scholarship programs, St. Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation, and the Shriners.

The Stotts family giving philosophy is that “when a business model aligns with a youth or adult organization that is focused on making the world a better place, supporting those programs become an extension of the business.”

For more information on LCS Metal Stampings, check out their website.

Donor Profile: ​ LCS Metal Stampings, Paul Stotts and Steve Schmidt