Earning the Supernova Award

All the Information you need to begin the Supernova Award

Do you have Scouts interested in earning the Supernova Award? This article will provide you with some of the knowledge and tools needed to accomplish this awesome award.

What is the Supernova Award?

The Supernova Award is a STEM based award that involves significant accomplishment extending beyond day to day advancement in the Scouting and Venturing programs. Youth will learn some fundamentals of topic areas and perform original STEM investigations and projects. They work with an adult mentor who are accomplished STEM practioners who guide exploration and provide advancement quality control.

Who Can Earn the Award?

The Supernova Award is available to all three levels of Scouting (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturing). The requirements become more rigorous the older you get. Some of the achievements for Scouts BSA and Venturing can overlap along the way.

What is a Supernova Mentor?

A Supernova Mentor is a registered Council position that requires a STEM background and training. This training is offered at every University of Scouting and is held in Districts throughout the year. These mentors are approved by the STEM committee and require a special application (along with a fully filled out BSA adult application). A mentor is the person who supports and guides the youth through the Supernova Award process.

Steps to Earning the Supernova Award:

  1. Have the Scout determine which award they would like to pursue - depending on the youth's age, they could choose between multiple Supernova Awards to pursue. Sit down with them and determine if this is an award they would like to earn and which one they would like to do.
  2. Find a Supernova Mentor - this is a very important step for the youth to take. You can obtain a list of registered, trained, and approved Supernova mentors from the STEM Director at the Council. This will give you a list of potential Mentors. Another option is to have a leader in your own unit who has a STEM background attend a Supernova Mentor training at the University of Scouting, Roundtable, etc.
  3. The youth and Mentor discuss the award and requirements - this meeting really sets the stage for the youth. It lays out the requirements and what is expected of them to earn the award.
  4. Youth works to complete the requirements - the youth works to complete the requirements and seeks help from the mentor when they run into issues or need help making a contact with a business.
  5. Youth and Mentor discuss the completed requirements - this is a chance for the youth to reflect on their experiences.
  6. Complete a Supernova Award Application and submit it to the Council STEM Director - a completed application must be turned in with signatures from a unit leader, the youth, and the Supernova Mentor. The STEM Committee will review the application and sign in the last two spots.

After You Turn in Your Application:

After Supernova Award Applications are turned in, they are reviewed by the Northern Star Council STEM Committee. This committee meets once a month and approves application at the meeting. Once approved, the application is signed and emailed back to the address provided on the application.

The only exception to this process is the Dr. Albert Einstein Gold Medal which can be earned by Venturing Scouts. This application is still collected by the Council STEM Committee, but is reviewed by the National STEM Committee for approval.

This signed application can be brought to the Scout Shop to purchase the medal. We recommend contacting the Scout Shop prior to purchasing to ensure they have a medal in stock.

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