Gear Up for Scouts BSA Recruitment

As we move on from the pandemic and look towards the next Scout year, recruiting 'non-cub' Scouts has become increasingly necessary for today's Troops.

Tips and Tricks to Spread the Word

To kick things off, make sure your Troop has a visible community presence! It's never too early to start recruiting and summer is the best time to throw yourselves out there. Attending festivals, parades and community expos are great places to show everyone what it means to be a Scout.

Maintaining a solid social media presence on platforms like Nextdoor and Facebook are easy ways to connect with new families in your community. Post photos of your Scout activities, invite the community to participate in your events, the possibilities are endless

Those of us here at Northern Star Council are here to help you in your efforts to recruit new Scouts! Resources like flyers, post cards, yard signs and a giant inflatable tube Scout are available to help spread the word.

Connect with your District Executive to access council-provided materials..

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