Guidance For Overnight Camping With More Than Three Units

From time to time, your Scouting unit may look to offer or take part in a multi-unit overnight outing run by another (or your) unit. Collaborating with other Scouting units can be a great way to enhance program, share costs, and leverage resources. To ensure that multi-unit events are managed with health and safety in mind, any overnight outings that include more than three Scouting units will need to follow additional guidance.  

What does my unit need to do if we are planning an outing for more than three units?

All units planning an overnight event or activity for more than three units should submit an overview of their program plan using the online submission form linked below. Following submission online, your program plan will be reviewed by Northern Star Scouting, and you will receive communication about the additional steps required, if any, for your specific event or activity. 

Multi-Unit Program Plan Online Submission Form

Once my unit submits the online form, what are the next steps?

A volunteer or staff member will call you to discuss your plan and share resources for support and steps for implementation.  

Why do i need to do this?

As noted in the Guide to Safe Scouting, multi-unit outings need approval of the local council in order to maintain Scouting's insurance coverage for events. 

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