Major Northern Star Scouting Brand/Image and Marketing Campaign Underway

To help remind and educate prospective members and their families what Scouting is all about, we have partnered with CCF, a leading Twin Cities marketing/advertising agency to produce and help manage the largest campaign in our history. CCF has produced our last eight annual reports on a pro bono basis, so know Northern Star Scouting well and have done excellent work for us. 

The campaign theme is “Prepared For” and illustrates with powerful photos and copy many aspects of what being “Prepared for Life,” the BSA’s overall theme, means. The primary audience is families with children at the entry point of Scouting, the early elementary grades, yet will also extend to older youth, their families, and the broader community. 

The campaign tactics began in August, focusing on the digital channels popular with Millennial parents and their children. These include paid search, advertising on social media, digital video - Youtube, video games and on web displays/banners, plus out-of-home digital displays on area billboards, at the Mall of America and in targeted skyways. 

So far (as of 9/16) the campaign has delivered just over 13.1 million impressions to our target audiences. Here is a breakdown of impressions by media chanel to date:

  • Out of Home: 9,051,00 impressions
  • Display Banners: 1,400,000
  • Tik Tok: 632,000
  • YouTube: 1,101,100
  • Video Game Placements: 559,000
  • Facebook & Instagram: 315,000
  • Google Search: 19,500

The objective is to put Scouting on parents' radar, to help them get to know it as an inclusive, safe and valuable program that gives their children even more opportunities to be successful.  The messaging shows Scouting’s focus on family, allowing work/life balance and still putting children first.  

The campaign sets the stage for the critical individual school flyers, personal invitations and follow-up asking kids and families to join. It will make for a more positive joining atmosphere, yet the personal asks are still the key! 

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Kent York

Director of Marketing and Communications