Northern Star Roadmap to Success

Northern Star Scouting’s Roadmap to Success (Roadmap) is a local unit recognition program. This program is used to recognize our units for their performance throughout the Scouting year.

The Roadmap is a points-based system where a unit earns points based on actions performed or metrics hit during the year. The actions that are a part of the program are key year to year behaviors that increase the success and performance level of the unit. These include creating a budget, a calendar, etc. These actions provide a healthy “Roadmap” for unit leaders to follow through the year. The metrics measured as part of the program are key metrics for a healthy unit such as membership or advancement.

During the process of creating the Roadmap program, there were a few important thoughts put into every objective. Try to keep the program simple and straightforward. We don’t need a very complicated system to recognize your unit. We also don’t need to large amounts of data collection. There will be some, but far less than in previous iterations of this program. Second, every objective in the program is good for the unit. Every goal directly benefits your unit.

Goals and Objectives

There are 8 total objectives that fall into 4 categories: Planning, Membership, Program, and Leadership (2 objectives per category). Each objective can earn you 50, 100, or 200 points. Based on the number of points accumulated during the year, your unit can earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold (scores for each level vary by program level). Every unit in the Council has the ability to earn Bronze simply by following the Roadmaps’s “action” oriented goals. Objectives include steps like creating a budget or program plan.


The Roadmap follows the school year and Scouting membership year (September-August) with two exceptions. A unit must have a Calendar and Budgets adopted by August 15 in preparation for the school year.

Submit your results

Submit your results HERE. This is a self reported process. A unit leader, commissioner, DE, ect. could submit the results. It is up to  the unit to determine their final score. Contact your District Executive if you need help obtaining some of your numbers.


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Northern Star Roadmap to Success

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