Now Is the Time to Put Philmont in Your Future

Philmont has made it easy for Scouts and Scouters to plan a Trek, attend a training conference or enjoy a family vacation.  

Scout Units can now register for a 7, 9 or 12-day Adventure and be assured of getting their desired slot for 2025. Registration is just a matter of signing up on the Philmont site at There are even openings for a 2024 Trek still available. 

Likewise, Scouters wanting to expand their knowledge or skills while attending a conference at Philmont Training Center can find the list of available 2024 sessions on the web site. Conferences for all levels of leaders – Cub, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and others positions - are all offered as well as Scouting skills such as fly fishing, pioneering, and orienteering. Although registration for conferences will not open until November, you can look over upcoming courses and pick one that fits your interests now.  

Be sure to plan your trip as a family vacation because PTC’s Kids an Kin Program has activities for everyone including nursery facilities, toddler to young adult youth programs and even an spouses program. It’s important for spouses to know that they will be having a real vacation and not looking after their family all the time during their PTC stay. Excellent counselors will keep youth busy while they can choose to be off on their own fun program or just relax.   

PTC offers a variety of housing options ranging from comfortable traditional wall tents with beds to deluxe family tents and even roofed housing so even the less adventurous can still enjoy Southwestern hospitality and scenery. Knowing that there are modern, private rest room facilities seal the deal for most spouses. All meals and most activities are included with housing fees, though there are add-ons for horse rides and some hikes. 

The same housing options are available for full and half-week Family Adventure Camp. This program involves activities for your entire family. Everyone gets to enjoy time together at Philmont doing a wide range of activities including hiking, arts and crafts, climbing, shooting,  Even extended families or grandparent-grandchild options are possible. Philmont offers scholarships for some programs as well. 


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Caption: There is no fortune-telling Merit Badge, but Scouts can foresee a fun adventure by putting a Philmont Trek or PTC experience in their plans now. Graphic by Tom Baltutis 


Now Is the Time to Put Philmont in Your Future