Order of the Arrow Camp Coordinator Job

Do you like the Order of the Arrow? Do you like Summer Camp? Would you like to be paid to be the OA Ambassador at either Many Point or Tomahawk this summer? 

That’s right, two of your favorite things and you get paid to do both 

Are you interested? 

The Order of the Arrow Camp Coordinator (OACC) is a new position we are implementing at both Tomahawk Scout Camp and Many Point Scout Camp that represents the OA and provides for the camp. The OACC would provide service projects for campers to partake in, fellowship nights at each subcamp, assisting with callouts, working with the Units at camp to promote the Order of the Arrow and many other tasks listed in a document attached to this email. 

The OACC is a full-time position so you will be at camp for the entire summer camp season. The pay would be the typical summer camp staff pay and is paid for by the Lodge.

If you are interested please fill it out so we can get an idea of who could be serving our organization for the  summer: 

Coordinator Interest Form


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Aaron Russell

Senior District Executive