Philmont Trek Planning for 2023 Starts Now

Philmont 2023 Lottery Open October 5 to December 1

If your unit is considering a high adventure trip to Philmont in 2023, you will need to enter the Trek lottery which is open from October 5 to December 1.  There is no fee or commitment required to enter the lottery, but only one bid per unit will be accepted.

Traditional Treks are twelve days, but shorter treks of 7- and 9- days are also available.  These options appeal to groups whose adult advisors may not be able to get the time off for a full trek.  The more flexible that you are on the dates of your trek, the more likely that you will get a spot.  Choosing a date toward the later part of the season, which runs from mid-June to Mid-August, will also improve your chances. 

The minimum crew size is 8 people, a majority of which must be youth.  A minimum of two adult advisors over 21 is required, and co-ed crews require co-ed advisors. If your unit may not have enough participants, now is a good time to reach out to scouting friends in other groups who may want to join your Trek.  Besides, a full crew of 12 participants makes it easier to share the load of stoves, tarps, bear ropes and cookware.

Fortunate crews will be notified in early December.  A $100 per person deposit is required in January to hold your spot.  During the 18 months prior to your Trek, your unit will have time to do fundraising, develop camping skills and practice backpacking trips.  

In the event that you are not selected, though, there are still opportunities that arise.  Some crews may have to cancel their trip for various reasons such as a lack of participants or availability of adult advisors.  There are dozens of slots available for 2022 Treks right now. 

Information on the 2023 Lottery and openings for 2022 can be found at

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Philmont Trek Planning for 2023 Starts Now