Scouts BSA Recruitment Time!

As Troops approach the beginning of the Scouting & School year, its time to think about inviting new families to join the Scouting adventure!

Northern Star provides a number of recruitment resources to help Troops grow beyond traditional Webelos Crossover.

Resources are summarized in the 2021 Scouts BSA Fall Recruitment Guidebook and include

  • Flyers
  • Customized Postcards
  • Hand-out “business cards”
  • Posters
  • Welcome to the Adventure of Scouting booklets
  • Boosted Facebook events

In addition, Scouts who recruit a friend can receive a pocket knife (the friend gets one too).

Middle School Open Houses are a great place to meet new families!  If your Troop can have a table (or a mock campsite!) at your local open house, Northern Star can help make sure your handouts looks great!

If your troop needs recruitment materials – or just some ideas – check with your District Executive or email [email protected].

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