Scouts with Special Needs

Providing support to Scouts and adults with special needs


The Polaris District offers Scouting programs that operate in various special needs and disabilities-focused day programs, service facilities, and schools in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs. The mission of the Polaris District is to provide positive experiences for people of all ages and abilities in the special needs and disabilities community. The programs focus on cognitive skills through hands on, interactive activities, designed to build character development and social skills.


A group of dedicated volunteers with personal and professional experience in working with youth with Special Needs and Disabilities. This group works with all districts and in collaboration with other council committees to provide training and resources to educate and engage NSS leaders, volunteers and staff to ensure understanding and inclusion for youth of all abilities. 

Youth Participant Programs

We offer a taste of the Scouting experience to the entire community through several programs that are open to all including our Base Camp and Leadership Center offerings and use of our camps and facilities by outside groups. Schools are our biggest users, reaching more than 11,000 students in more than 200 groups at Base Camp last year, with our inclusive Discovery Day Camps reaching nearly 400 community participants. In all, Northern Star Scouting serves approximately 20,000 non–member participants each year.

Scouts with Special Needs