When and How to Get A Certificate of Insurance

BSA General Liability Insurance

When do you need a BSA certificate of general liability insurance?

  • You do not need a certificate of BSA general liability insurance for your chartered partner (sponsoring organization). By default, a Scouting unit's chartered partner is covered by the policy.
  • When your Scout unit meets at a location other than your chartered partner (sponsoring organization), and the organization allowing you to meet at their location requests a certificate of insurance.
  • When hosting a Scout unit fundraiser booth at a community event, the organizer will often request this certificate.
  • Some organizations, other than chartered partners, may require listing them as an additional insured for a specific time period or event. You can find copies of the request form on this page.

Where do I get a copy of the certificate?

The BSA certificate of liability insurance can be found on this page under "Related Documents" on the right-hand side or below on mobile devices.

  • If your organization is requesting “proof of” liability insurance, the printable certificate can be found in the column on the right. This certificate is good for one year from the date listed in the upper right hand corner.
  • If your organization is requesting to be listed as additional insured, please complete the fillable PDF in the column on the right, “request for” certificate of insurance.
    • Please allow two days for processing of $1,000,000 certificates, and two weeks for processing of higher amounts (extra time is needed for the National BSA to process).

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