When and How to Get A Certificate of Insurance

BSA General Liability Insurance

When do you need a BSA certificate of general liability insurance?

  • You do not need a certificate of BSA general liability insurance for your chartered partner (sponsoring organization). By default, a Scouting unit's-chartered partner is covered by the policy.
  • When your Scout unit meets at a location other than your chartered partner (sponsoring organization), and the organization allowing you to meet at their location requests a certificate of insurance.
  • When hosting a Scout unit fundraiser booth at a community event, the organizer will often request this certificate.
  • Some organizations, other than chartered partners, may require listing them as an additional insured for a specific time or event. You can find copies of the request form on this page.

Where do I get a copy of the certificate?

  • If your organization is requesting “proof of” liability insurance, please email asking for a "proof of" and one will be emailed to you. This certificate is good for one year from the date listed in the upper right hand corner.
  • If your organization is requesting to be listed as additional insured, please complete the fillable PDF in the column on the right, “request for” certificate of insurance.
    • Please allow two days for processing of $1,000,000 certificates, and two weeks for processing of higher amounts (extra time is needed for the National BSA to process).

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