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For most of you, the start of the new year is a time of excitement, fresh ideas, and opportunity. A way to encompass all three of these points is a "Forever Gift" -  an exciting fresh idea that provides an opportunity for YOU to support Scouts FOREVER!

What is a "Forever Gift?" It's simple! Your one-time gift of cash, securities, or other assets provides a yearly funding source for programs, camps, outreach, etc.

Regardless of your gift size, your Forever Gift will grow perpetually as part of the Northern Star Scouting Endowment. Your gift joins the Northern Star Trust's $52 million investment portfolio that solely supports Northern Star Scouting.

Take, for example, your annual gift of $250. How much would it take to endow your gift so Northern Star Scouting could receive that amount every year? If, say, the Trust's policy for a given year is to distribute 5% of the endowment income, divide your annual gift of $250 by 5%, and you get $5,000. Thus when you make a $5,000 endowment gift, your $250 yearly contribution continues indefinitely.


Your Annual Gift

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Kick-off YOUR 2022 with a gift that lasts FOREVER!

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