What Are Community and Program Relations Executives?

What Are Community and Program Relations Executives?


In 2016, a task force was formed to find innovative ways to improve the Council's support of our Districts, balancing the Council's financial, professional staff, and volunteer resources. Participants of the task force included volunteers and community leaders who have worked through organizational and staffing model changes previously in Scouting and their workplaces.

The task force recommended dividing what are now a wide range of skills and responsibilities done by District Executives into more-specialized district staff functions, with two professional staff now supporting each district.

District Support

Districts should see improved support from the specialized executives, increased volunteer ownership, and new program opportunities through the creation of the Activities/STEM Director.

The staffing model changes were rolled out to districts through the fall of 2016, with staff changes taking effect on January 1, 2017.

Districts will maintain their individual identities and will now be supported by two professional staff. District professional staff were partnered primarily based on District geography, looking also at District membership and the number of units in each district. The goal was to have partnered executives serving Districts that were close enough to realize process improvement and shared resources, while also being of similar size throughout the Council.

Some Changes

Community Relations Executive (CRE) - Job Functions

  1. Work with New Unit Organizers to conduct new unit sales calls and organize new units.
  2. Work with the District Finance Chair, CFOS and FFOS volunteers to achieve finance objectives.
  3. Work with District Nominating Chair and Committee to identify district-level volunteers.
  4. Maintain relationships with principals, superintendents, and community education.
  5. Maintain relationships with unit volunteers regarding appropriate areas of responsibility.
  6. Assist Nominating Chair and District Chair with identifying and recruiting all district volunteers.
  7. Assist with new unit organization.
  8. Work with district PR and website volunteers.
  9. Work with new and existing charter partners to start new units, maintain and create partnerships.

Program Relations Executive (PRE) - Job Functions

  • Work with District Membership Chair to achieve membership objectives, SNFS and other campaigns.
  • Guide District Popcorn Campaign.
  • Work with District Commissioner to provide excellence in unit service and re-charters.
  • Support Advancement, Camping, Training and Activities Program Chairs in providing program services to units.
  • Execute membership recruitment campaigns and help units achieve membership objectives.
  • Support District Commissioner(s) with units achieving Journey 2.0 standards.
  • Complete annual recharter process on time.
  • Work with commissioner staff on Roundtable planning and execution.
  • Visit units at camp.
  • Ensure unit participation in district/council programs and activities.
  • Work with unit treasurers and assist with unit finance management and budgeting.
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    What Are Community and Program Relations Executives?

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